When Your RAID Breaks, How To Deal

Raid-0With everything being digitized these days it’s getting more and more important to keep data safe and to ensure that your servers are protected. With more people starting their own businesses in order to live out their own personal dreams losing productivity is the worst possible thing that can happen to someone. Maybe you run a data entry business. If your servers go down, even for a second, you risk running behind on your deadlines. Other may run a home business where they sell handmade creations. If your hard drive fails you could possibly lose all your customer’s custom orders. The longer things remain in disarray the longer it will take you to get back on your feet.

Since RAID systems are made up of various hard drive systems they will be susceptible to the very things that haunt computer users. Your hard drive could suffer a physical or logistical error that renders it useless. With RAID systems you need to be careful if your controller software bites the dust. It’s not really recommended to try to repair RAID failures on your own, unless you are extremely confident in your skills. Good RAID repair information can help, though.

If you aren’t confident in yourself or if you are completely aware that this is something over your head, you’ll need to look into a company that you can count on in your time of need. If you don’t have a tech support person you can rely on to do this research, these are some qualities you’ll want to look out for Continue reading

Benefits of the Stand Mixer

boftsmrYou have never come by a better mixer than the stand mixer. There are so many things about it that makes it the best for you any time and any day. It is very easy to use and also very easy to maintain. You do not also need to empty your bank account to buy it. There are several brands around and they can all be bought at very considerate price. Just check them out today and you will never regret it. Every dime spent on it will prove to …

Coffee Or Tea Time Just Isn’t The Same

Something new is percolating in the offices of today’s workers. No longer are employees satisfied with the same old pot of office coffee. Having been exposed to coffeehouse fever – sometimes referred to as Starbucks syndrome – today’s workers are banging their cups in demand for designer coffees, exotic teas, and brand-name beverages. Getting better beverages may be one of the hottest issues in the workplace today. Most companies concerned about productivity and morale are inclined to agree. After all, why put the kibosh on an employee benefit that costs

Supplementing Your Tea Fix

Celestial Seasonings is rolling out a full line of single-ingredient and blended herbal supplements. There are currently 17 items in the line, eight in the single-ingredient segment and nine blends, and Ryan promises that the company will be introducing additional products shortly.

“The blended products really add to the aura of the line,” he remarks. “The Echinacea Cold Season item, for example, contains not just echinacea but also zinc and vitamin C. It’s the blend of ingredients that gives the products the full range of effectiveness. When zinc and vitamin

How Much Data Can Be Recovered From A Clicking Hard Drive?

A hard drive crash can cause major data deletion. This could happen suddenly so you must have a backup for all the files saved in the hard drive.

happystersThis backup will serve as your safety net to fall back on. But in the event that the hard drive crashed before you were able to save your files to another media, the assistance of a data recovery firm would be necessary. There are still chances that all data can be retrieved after a hard drive crash. But this can be difficult …

Blue Flowers Are The Best

EVERYBODY LOVES BLUE. Blue skies, blue eyes (at least in Nordic and Anglo-Saxon countries), candor, innocence, all such connotations. Blue flowers are in such demand, are such certain sellers, that the nurserypeople have to stretch the meaning of the word to its snapping point. More than half the flowers described in seed lists and plant catalogs as blue are some shade of mauve or purple. Truly blue flowers are few.

Yet many gardeners insist on having a blue border. Gertrude Jekyll, writing at the turn of the century, was

Orange Flowers Underrated

marigA widespread bias against orange prompts writers to resort to such euphemisms as flame, tangerine, and apricot. Yet there’s an inconsistency here. Marigolds are popular annuals, and marigolds serve up great gobs of orange. Sophisticates prefer Zinnia angustifolia, which is dainty of flower and leaf but still unabashedly orange. And which of us hasn’t admired butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) in a green meadow, or California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) on a grassy hillside? It isn’t the color itself that offends but the way in which it is used.

Orange does need

Preserve Fresh Cut Flowers Easily

Make summer flowers last. Our guide to easy drying methods.

The Basics

* When you dry flowers is key; cut garden blossoms at their color peak, in the midday sun. If you’re not preserving them immediately, place in a vase of cool water, in a dark location. Before drying, remove leaves.

* When sending florist or garden flowers to be freeze-dried, enjoy them for 2 to 3 days, then ship overnight. (You don’t want to dry tightly closed buds, or blooms past their prime.) Wrap stems in damp paper towels,

Delphiniums Are A Finicky, But Beautiful Flower

Where Delphiniums are concerned, good taste flies out the window,” essayist and devoted gardener Eleanor Perenyi conceded in 1981 in Green Thoughts (Vintage Books; $12, paperback). Flaunting “all the sapphires and azures of a Chartres window,” the flower-packed spires of the giant hybrids sometimes reach seven feet. Unfortunately, these rulers of the delphinium race, as Mrs. Perenyi calls them, are lately frowned upon by those who see no place for such gaudy showmanship in today’s more “natural” landscapes. Surely the plants’ outrageous colors (including newly available pinks, reds, and yellows,

Tea Service Takes America By Storm

In foodservice operations, tea service typically involves some version of the traditional tea setup with a choice of blends, both caffeinated and decaf. But “traditional” doesn’t have to imply the formality of high tea; nor does it require an elaborate undertaking.

“We saw the [increased] interest in tea as an exceptional opportunity to service our guests and increase profits,” says Cary Spence, general manager of Poets Inc., an English-pub-style restaurant in Jackson, Miss.

teatimingIced tea is the big seller at Poets Inc.–the average lunch customer downs three glasses at